Search ARB Subscription Summary

The Search ARB Subscription summary page displays the results of a subscription search.

To refine your search, click the Back button in your browser window. The Search ARB Subscriptions page opens with the criteria used in your most recent search.

View Subscriptions

All ARB subscription files are displayed in descending order by Subscription ID and include the following information:  

Sort Subscriptions

By default, subscriptions are sorted in descending order by Subscription ID. Clicking on a column header will sort the result set in descending order according to the data in that column. Clicking again on the same column header will resort the result set in ascending order. An arrow next to the column header indicates the current sort order for the result set. An up-arrow indicates that the sort is ascending (A-Z) and a down-arrow indicates that the sort is descending (Z-A).

Click the Next and Prev links at the top right of the table to navigate backward and forward through the list of subscriptions. You can also use the View All option (at the bottom left of the page) to see all the individual subscriptions on a single page. This is recommended only if your summary contains 50 or fewer subscriptions.

To view more details for a subscription, click the Subscription ID. The ARB Subscription Detail page opens.

To begin a new subscription search, click Search Again to return to the Search ARB Subscriptions page.



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