Search ARB Subscriptions

The Search ARB Subscriptions page allows you to search subscriptions for your payment gateway account.

Your search will return one or more subscriptions depending on the combination of search criteria you submit. In general, the more search criteria you enter, the more focused your results.

To search ARB Subscriptions:

Step 1: Enter ARB Subscription Information

Enter subscription-specific information.

Step 2: Enter Credit Card/Bank Account Information

Note: The wildcard symbols percent sign (%) and asterisk (*) are allowed for all fields except the following: Subscription ID, Credit Card Number, and Bank Account Number.

Step 3: Enter Customer Information

Step 4: From the Show drop-down list, select the number of results you would like to see per page: 10 (default), 15, 20, 25, or 1000.

Step 5: Click Search. Your results are displayed on the Search ARB Subscription Summary page.

Click the Next and Prev links at the top right of the table to navigate backward and forward through the list of subscriptions. You can also use the View All option to see all the individual subscriptions on a single page. This is recommended only if your summary of subscriptions contains 50 or fewer subscriptions.    



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