Create New ARB Subscription

The Create New ARB Subscription page allows you to create and initiate recurring credit card or eCheck.Net® transactions. To create a new ARB subscription, provide payment, order, subscription, customer billing, and shipping information. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required in order to create the subscription.


To create a new ARB subscription:

Step 1: Select a Payment Method

Select one of the payment methods available.

Note: The payment processing associations that regulate electronic check transactions require that you have the appropriate authorization from the customer to submit a recurring eCheck.Net transaction to the payment gateway.

Step 2: Enter the Payment/Authorization Information

Enter the customer’s credit card or bank account information and the recurring amount.

For credit card transactions:

For bank account transactions:

Step 3: Enter the Order Information

If desired, enter specific information associated with the subscription.

Note: It is recommended that you enter either a Subscription Name or Invoice Number to easily differentiate between multiple subscriptions for the same customer. Otherwise, the payment gateway might reject the new subscription as a duplicate.

Step 4: Select a Subscription Interval

Click the radio button next to the desired Subscription Interval. The Subscription Interval determines how often the customer should be billed. Select either a month based interval OR enter an interval based on a set number of days.

Note: Use the Days option for subscriptions with short intervals only. If the number of days you need to enter is greater than 30, consider using a Months option instead.

For each recurring transaction, the payment gateway will process the transaction within a 24-hour period of the scheduled day. However, the transaction might not always be generated and submitted before your configured transaction cut-off time. In this event, the recurring transaction will be processed and settled with the next batch of transactions.

Step 5: Enter a Subscription Duration

The Start Date establishes when the subscription should start. To indicate when the subscription should end, you must enter either an End Date or indicate the total number of billing occurrences for the subscription in Ends After. To ensure the information entered so far is correct, the payment gateway then automatically populates the remaining field. If the automatically populated End Date or Ends After number does not match the information provided to you by the customer, then go back to ensure the Subscription Interval, Start Date, and End Date or Ends After number are correct. For subscriptions with no specific End Date, you can also select No End Date to create an ongoing subscription.

Step 6: Enter a Trial Period

If desired, enter an initial Trial Period for the subscription. Enter the Trial Amount that should be billed for each Trial Period billing occurrence and the number of billings that should be included in the Trial Period.

Note: Trial period information can be edited only if the subscription has not yet begun, or the subscription is still within the trial period.

Step 7: Enter the Customer Billing Information

If desired, enter the customer's billing information. Fields in this section include: Customer ID, First Name, Last Name, Company, Address, City, State/Province, ZIP Code, Country, Phone Number, Fax Number, and Email Address.

Step 8: Enter the Customer Shipping Information

If desired, enter the customer’s shipping information. Fields in this section include: First Name, Last Name, Company, Address, City, State/Province, ZIP Code, and Country.

Note: If the shipping information is the same as the customer billing information, click the check box labeled Same as information entered in Billing Information.

Step 9: Click Submit to continue or click Reset to clear the subscription form and start over. The Subscription Confirmation page opens.

To view detailed information for the new subscription, click on the Subscription ID. The ARB Subscription Detail page opens.

To create another new subscription, click Enter a New Subscription.



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