Search For a Transaction

This page allows you to perform searches of all transactions stored for your payment gateway account. Search results can then be downloaded to your computer for future reference or for importing into third-party software or management systems.

Your search will return one or more transactions depending on the combination of search criteria you submit. In general, the more search criteria you enter, the more focused your results will be.


Step 1: Select a Settlement Date

Select a transaction status and/or settlement date or date range from the From: and To: drop-down lists.

Note: When ALL Settled is selected in the From: drop-down list and a date is selected in the To: drop-down list, your results will include all settled transactions between the date selected and the date of the most recent settled batch.

Step 2: Enter Credit Card

If desired, select a specific payment method from the Payment Method drop-down list and/or enter a credit card.

Note: Searches by the full credit card number will return transactions that occurred within the past 180 days only. To expand your search, enter only the last four digits of the credit card number.  

Step 3: Enter Customer Information

If desired, enter the customer’s First Name, Last Name, and/or Customer ID.

Step 4: Enter Transaction Information

If desired, select the transaction’s status from the Status drop-down list, and/or enter the Transaction ID and/or Invoice Number.

Step 5: From the Show drop-down list, select the number of results you want to see per page: 10 (default), 15, 20 or 25.

Step 6: Click Search. Your results are displayed on the Transaction Search Results page.

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