API Login ID and Transaction Key

This page allows you to view your Application Programming Interface (API) Login ID and to create or disable your Transaction Key.


Your API Login ID and Transaction Key are unique pieces of information specifically associated with your payment gateway account. However, the API Login ID and Transaction Key are NOT used for logging into the Merchant Interface. These two values are only required when setting up an Internet connection between your e-commerce Web site and the payment gateway. They are used by the payment gateway to authenticate that you are authorized to submit Web site transactions. Transactions that cannot be authenticated by the payment gateway using these values are rejected.


IMPORTANT: The API Login ID and Transaction Key protect your payment gateway account from unauthorized use and should not be shared with anyone. Be sure to store these values securely on a server separate from your Web server and change the Transaction Key regularly to further strengthen the security of your account.


To create an API Login ID or Transaction Key for the first time:


Step 1: Type in your Secret Answer. You should have configured a Secret Question and Secret Answer during account activation.


Step 2: Click Submit to continue or click Cancel to cancel the action. The API Login ID and Transaction Key generated for your payment gateway account appear.


Once you have initially created your API Login ID, you may not change it in the Merchant Interface. To change your API Login ID, please contact Customer Support.


IMPORTANT: The API Login ID is different than your user login ID. Your user login ID allows you to log into your Merchant Interface user account. The API Login ID grants a merchant access to submit transactions to the payment gateway.


You may obtain a new, unique Transaction Key on this page as often as needed.


To obtain a new transaction key:


Step 1: Enter your Secret Answer (the answer to your Secret Question configured at account setup).


Step 2: To disable the old transaction key, click the check box labeled  Disable Old Transaction Key.

Note: If the Disable Old Transaction Key check box is not selected, the old transaction key will automatically expire in 24 hours.

Step 3: Click Submit to continue or click Cancel to cancel the action. Your new transaction key is displayed.




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