Transaction Cut-Off Time

The transaction cut-off time is the time of day the payment gateway picks up transactions for settlement. Transactions submitted after the configured transaction cut-off time are picked up with the next batch.

The payment gateway's default transaction cut-off time is 3:00 PM PST.

You can configure your transaction cut-off time to be any hour of the day or night.

Note: If your processor is FDCO or ConcordEFS, we recommend that you contact your Merchant Service Provider before changing your Transaction Cut-Off Time to avoid potential funding issues.

Your Merchant Service Provider is the institution from which you receive your monthly credit card settlement reports. If you have never received a deposit statement, you may need to contact your reseller for information about your Merchant Service Provider.

To select the transaction cut-off time:


Step 1: Select the desired cut-off time using the Hour, Minute, and AM/PM drop-down lists.

Step 2: Click Submit. A confirmation message indicates that your setting has been successfully applied.

Note: Changes may not take effect immediately. If transactions have already been settled for the day, the new transaction cut-off time will not take effect until the following day.


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