Merchant Profile

The Merchant Profile page displays general information about your payment gateway account, including the payment methods you accept, the value-adding services you are signed up for, your type of business, and your reseller’s contact information. From this page, you can also review the agreements and fees for your payment gateway services.

General information for your account is displayed at the top of the Merchant Profile page. This information includes your business's name, Payment Gateway ID, Address, Phone Number, Fax Number, Billing Status, Active Since, and Billing Balance.

To edit general account information for your account:

Step 1: Click Edit Business Information at the top right of the page. The Edit Business Information page appears.

Step 2: Update any incorrect or missing information in the available fields: Address, City, State/Province, ZIP Code, Country, Phone Number, Fax Number, Products Description, Web Site Address, and Shopping Cart Solution.

Note: Text fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

Step 3: Click Submit to update the information or click Cancel to cancel the action. The Business Information Edited Successfully window appears indicating that your business information has been successfully updated.

Step 4: Click Continue to return to the Merchant Profile page.

Payment Methods

This section lists the payment methods enabled for your account.

You can also view the agreement and fees associated with the payment methods configured for your account at any time by clicking on the Agreement and Fees links displayed for each payment method.

Additional Services

This section lists the additional value-adding services available for your payment gateway account. For each service listed, a service status of Enabled, Pending, or Not Enabled is displayed.

You can also view the agreements and fees associated with additional value-adding services enabled for your payment gateway account by clicking on the Agreement and Fees links displayed for each value-adding service. If one of the additional services listed is not enabled, you may click on the Sign Up or More Info links to learn more about that particular service.

Business Information

This section lists additional business information configured for your payment gateway account.

Reseller Contact Information

This section lists the following contact information for your reseller or payment gateway provider: name, address, and phone number.



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