Daily Velocity Filter

The Daily Velocity Filter allows you to limit the total number of transactions received per day. All transactions received in excess of your established threshold will be processed according to the filter action you select.

Note: This filter differs from the Transaction IP Velocity Filter in that it tracks only the total number of transactions received per day, not the originating IP address.

The filter status, Filter Enabled, Filter Disabled or Not Configured appears at the top of the page.

Multiple transactions that are part of the same order do not trigger this filter.


To enable the Daily Velocity Filter:

Step 1: Click the Enable Filter check box at the top of the page. Or, to disable the Daily Velocity Filter, make sure that the Enable Filter check box is deselected. This filter is available to all merchants regardless of whether you are subscribed to AFDS.

Step 2: Enter the maximum number of transactions that should be processed per day in the Transaction Velocity Threshold text field.

Note: To determine an appropriate Transaction Velocity Threshold you might want to evaluate your weekly or monthly transaction processing volume history and calculate the average number of transactions you are likely to process in a day.

Step 3: Click the radio button next to the appropriate Filter Action for this filter.

Note: In the event that a transaction triggers more than one filter, and each filter is configured with a different action, the most severe filter action will be applied to the transaction. For example, you might configure filter A to decline all triggered transactions, and filter B to authorize but hold all triggered transactions. If a transaction triggers both filters A and B, it will be declined rather than authorized and held for review.

Step 4: Click Save to save your settings or click Cancel to cancel the action.

Your saved settings are applied immediately to all transactions screened by the Advanced Fraud Detection Suite.



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