Create a Transaction

You can create a new transaction directly from the Customer Profile page, if you have set up at least one payment profile for that customer.

To create a charge transaction from the Customer Profile page

  1. Click either the Charge or Refund button next to the payment profile you wish to charge. If this is a Refund transaction, see the Refund Transaction topic.

  2. The Create New Order screen opens, identifying the customer profile ID. Select a shipping method by clicking the appropriate button (the information displayed depends on whether or not you have created a shipping profile):

    1. No shipping required

    2. Select the shipping profile from the list

    3. Depending on whether or not you have created a shipping profile, you can click Add Shipping Profile, Create a New shipping Profile, or Ship to Payment Profile

    If you have created a payment profile with no address information, you will not have the option to use the payment profile for shipping.

  3. Once you have selected or created a shipping profile, click Continue. The Charge Transaction screen opens. The customer profile, payment profile, and shipping profile information are all displayed. You can click Edit to change the payment profile information, if you wish.

  4. Complete the Order Information section.  
  5. Click Submit to create the order, Back to return to the Create New Order screen, or Cancel to cancel the transaction.

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