Discontinue the CIM Service

You can discontinue your use of the Customer Information Manager (CIM) service at any time.


Step 1: From the main CIM page, click the Discontinue Customer Information Manager (CIM) link.


Step 2: Read through the information provided on the Discontinue the Customer Information Manager (CIM) Service page.


Step 3: Click Yes to continue with the cancellation of the CIM service, or click No to return to the main CIM page.


IMPORTANT: Once you have discontinued the CIM service, your customers’ profile information will be stored in our system for 30 days, after which time, the data will no longer be available. If you reactivate the CIM service within 30 days, you will not need to recreate your customer profiles.


You can reactivate the CIM service at any time by clicking the Sign Up for Customer Information Manager (CIM) Now link on the main CIM page.



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