Add a Profile

You can add a customer profile at any time from the Customer Information Manager page.

To add a new profile

  1. Click Add profile in the column heading. A blank Customer Profile screen opens.

  2. The minimum information you need to create a profile is one of: customer ID, email address, or description.

    Note: You will not be able to process payments against a profile until you have provided all of the payment method fields. You can, however, save an incomplete profile and edit it later.

  3. This screen allows you to enter one payment profile and one shipping profile for the customer. You can add more payment and shipping profiles at a later date by editing the profile and adding more. If desired, enter a payment and shipping profile. Click Create a Shipping Profile from the information above to use the same name and address data for both the payment and shipping profiles.

  4. Click OK to enter the customer profile, or Cancel to go back to the previous screen.

    When you click OK, the credit card or bank account information that you entered is validated. If the payment information cannot be validated, the screen redisplays, with an error message in red at the bottom of the page.

    Note: Only a minimal verification is performed on the payment profile. To perform a complete verification of credit card data, check the box labeled "Perform credit card authorization before saving data"

  5. If the profile was accepted, the Customer Profile screen opens. At this point, you can add more payment or shipping profiles if you wish.

Each customer profile you enter is automatically assigned a Customer Profile ID, along with a Payment Profile ID for each payment  method, and if applicable, a Shipping Profile ID for any shipping addresses. If you have entered incomplete information, you can update the profile at any time.

To process subsequent transactions for that customer, you need only submit the Customer Profile ID in place of all customer information, including billing, payment and shipping information.

For a detailed description of all the fields for customer, payment and shipping profiles, please refer to the Customer Profile Fields topic.


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