Reactivate a Suspended Subscription

You can reactivate a suspended subscription on the ARB Subscription Detail page. Subscriptions with a status of Canceled, Terminated or Expired cannot be reactivated.

Credit card subscriptions can be suspended as a result of authorization or processing errors as well as Address Verification Service (AVS) rejections. If the subscription experiences internal errors, recurring transactions will be re-tried until they are successfully processed.

Because eCheck.Net® transactions are processed by a separate network from credit cards and are not authorized or declined in real time, eCheck.Net subscriptions are not typically suspended or terminated by the payment gateway. Accordingly, it is highly recommended that you monitor your eCheck.Net subscriptions regularly for returns or notices of change in order to resolve any processing issues and successfully maintain your eCheck.Net subscriptions.

IMPORTANT: Suspended subscriptions must be reactivated before the next scheduled transaction occurs. Otherwise, the subscription will be terminated.


To reactivate a suspended subscription:

Step 1: Click Edit Subscription. The ARB Subscription Detail page reappears with editable fields.

Step 2: Review the subscription detail and modify the appropriate information.

Step 3: Click Reactivate Subscription. The Subscription Confirmation page opens.

To create a new subscription, click Enter a New Subscription.

Tips for reactivating suspended subscriptions:

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