Refund a Transaction

The Transaction Detail page allows you to refund a previously settled transaction and submit it for processing.

Note: Only users with the appropriate permissions will be able to access this feature.

If the settled transaction is eligible for refund, the Refund button appears at the top and bottom of the Transaction Detail page.

Note: Only transactions settled within the past 180 days are eligible for refund.

To refund a transaction:

Step 1: Click Refund. The Refund Transaction window opens, displaying information about the settled transaction.

Step 2: If necessary, edit the amount to be refunded in the Refund Amount text field. The amount can only be modified to be less than the original amount of the settled transaction.

Step 3: The original invoice number for the transaction will be automatically populated in the Invoice # field. If you would like a new invoice number to be associated with the refund, you can delete the old number and enter in a new one.

Step 4: If you would like to, enter a Description or reason for the refund.

Step 5: If you would like the customer to receive an email receipt for the refund, enter the customer’s email address and click to select the check box labeled Email transaction receipt to customer (if email provided).

Step 6: Click OK to continue with the refund or click Cancel to cancel the action.

The Transaction Confirmation page opens, displaying the Transaction ID and the results of the transaction. If the refund transaction is a success, it will be sent for settlement.

Click Close to close the Transaction Confirmation window.

The refund transaction is listed on the Unsettled Transactions page with the status of Refund/Pending Settlement.

This feature also allows you to issue multiple partial refunds against an original settled transaction. The Refund button is available on the Transaction Detail page until the sum of refunds submitted for the transaction equals the original settled amount or the transaction is more than 180 days old.



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