Payment Form - Fields

You can specify the information fields that should be included and/or required on the payment gateway hosted payment form. In addition, you can configure a link to your shipping and return policies page on your website and disable or enable the security code feature on the payment form.

 Payment Form Field Settings

These settings allow you to customize the fields that are included on your payment form. When configuring fields, you also need to configure the appropriate attributes for each field.

When requiring fields, both the Edit and Required attributes must be configured.

Note: The payment gateway requires that every transaction contain an amount and either a credit card number and expiration date, OR ABA bank routing number and account number. Because of this, these fields and others that are required by the payment gateway are not configurable and will always appear on the payment form.

To configure the fields for your payment form:

Step 1: Click to select the check boxes next to the fields you would like to add to your payment form in the View column.

Step 2: For each field you are adding, click to select the check boxes in the Edit and Required columns if you would also like to configure either or both of these attributes for the field.

Step 3: Click Submit. A confirmation message indicates that your settings have been successfully applied.

Note:  Payment form settings can also be configured as a part of your website’s integration code. It is recommended that you discuss your payment form requirements with your Web developer to prevent any conflicts between your website integration code and settings in the Merchant Interface. Also, you might need to check with your processor to verify if they require any particular fields to process transactions and configure those fields as appropriate.

 Security Code

This security feature helps to prevent unauthorized access to or abuse of your payment form by automated Internet Web programs. When this feature is enabled, the customer is required to enter a security code from a randomly generated image that is embedded in the payment form in order to submit a transaction. This verifies that a person physically accessed and provided payment information on your payment form.


To enable this security feature, click the check box labeled Require the Security Code feature on the Payment Form and click Submit.

You can remove this security feature and order submission requirement from your payment form at any time by clicking to deselect this check box and clicking Submit to save your payment form settings.

 Shipping and Return Policies

You can choose to include a link to a shipping and return policy page on your website on your payment form.

To include a link to your shipping and return policy, enter the URL or website address on your website where your shipping and return policy is located in the field labeled Shipping and Return Policy URL and click Submit.

You can remove the “Shipping and Return Policy” link from your payment form at any time by simply deleting the URL and clicking Submit to save changes to your payment form.

Payment Form Preview

You can also preview updates to your Payment Form fields from this page. Click the Preview button at the bottom of the page. Your Payment Form pops up in a separate browser window.

In addition, from the Payment Form preview page you can preview the hosted Receipt Page for your account. Scroll down to the bottom of the Payment Form preview page and click Submit. Your Receipt Page appears. Close the browser window to return to the Payment Form - Fields page.



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