Relay Response

This page allows you to configure the Relay Response method for receiving transaction responses from the payment gateway. This transaction response method is most applicable when connecting to the payment gateway using Server Integration Method (SIM).

With Relay Response, the payment gateway posts full transaction results to a specific Default Relay Response URL, or Web address, on your Web server. You can use this information to create a custom transaction results page to be displayed to your customer. The payment gateway then relays your custom transaction results page to the customer’s browser.

To add or edit a default relay response URL:

Step 1: Click Edit next to Default Relay Response URL. The Relay Response page opens.

Step 2: In the URL text field, enter the URL to which the payment gateway should send the relay response. This URL must start with either http:// or https://.

Step 3: Click Submit. A confirmation message indicates that your setting has been successfully applied.

Note: If you update an existing default relay response URL, the old URL is not deleted, but is moved to the bottom of the Response/Receipt URLs list.

To add more authorized relay response URLs, click the Response/Receipt URLs link at the bottom of the page.

IMPORTANT: If no URLs are listed on the page, then any URL can be specified through the API. This list defines a whitelist of URLs and adds an extra layer of security to your integration.



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