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9 January 2019

API Integration Changes

There are several API changes in the coming month to be aware of:

IP Address Changes

We are upgrading the way we manage our network infrastructure to be more responsive to events and business need. In order to support these changes, we are changing the IP addresses used by our API endpoints. Nothing else will change. The URLs and domains for all Authorize.Net websites and services will remain the same.

Authorize.Net will make the below changes to the IP addresses used by our API endpoints:

  • New IP addresses are available now for testing and use.
  • On 01/16/2019 (Updated) we will temporarily cut over and change domain name resolution to these new IP addresses for several hours and then reverse the change.
  • On 02/13/2019 we will permanently switch to the new IP addresses.

For more details, see our support article, Authorize.Net Domains and IP Addresses.

Cipher Changes

We will be removing support for SHA-1 ciphers on our Akamai endpoints. The below ciphers will be first disabled in Sandbox (11/06/2018) and then later in Production (01/15/2019). ECDHE and AESGCM are preferred ciphers to be used.

API users may need to update their clients/solutions to support newer ciphers. Portal users will need to make sure to use updated/modern web browsers.

Ciphers being removed:


Please refer to our TLS/Cipher FAQ for additional information.

MD5 Hash Removal/Disablement

Authorize.Net is phasing out the MD5 based transHash element in favor of the SHA-256 based transHashSHA2. The setting in the Merchant Interface which controls the MD5 Hash option will be removed by the end of January 2019, and the transHash element will stop returning values at a later date to be determined.

For more details, see our Transaction Hash Upgrade Guide.

7 January 2019

Sync for QuickBooks Discontinued

Beginning March 31, 2019, Authorize.Net will no longer be supporting our Sync for QuickBooks (SQB) tool. As of that date, we will discontinue the automatic sync of daily transactions to Intuit's QuickBooks for both the Desktop and Online versions for current users and will not offer this as an option for new merchants.

Although Authorize.Net will not be developing our own replacement tool for SQB, we are excited to introduce a improved solution provided by our trusted partner, Commerce Sync. We have worked with Commerce Sync to design a simple transition strategy for current users of SQB to their tool. This new service will be fee-based; specific pricing should be obtained from Commerce Sync.

To learn more about Commerce Sync and begin the migration process, please visit:

7 January 2019

Merchant Interface Session Timeout Warning

In the coming week we will be adding a warning message if the Merchant Interface detects an inactive browser sessions, this warning will give you the option to extend your session and prevent from being logged out.